Make Your Own Bendy Wendy!

Bendy Wendy dolls have a wire core so they can shape themselves to fit pretty much anywhere. You never know where they will decide to hang out next. Their hair and bodies can be made in a plethora of colours and you get to choose them at the workshop. Every participant will go home with a doll they made themselves (and maybe more, time permitting).

Participants Must Be Able To:

  • Handle and manipulate small pieces
  • Use scissors to trim threads
  • Wrap yarn and thread around small objects
  • Use glue

This craft will take about an hour to an hour and a half to complete

Suitable for ages 8 and older

All supplies and taxes are included in the fee

$10 per person

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Mess Warning! We will be using glue and creating yarn fuzz when trimming the dolls. Please wear crafting clothes, not your fanciest outfit.