Chairs by Karen

Who knew a chair could put a smile on your face?

These up-cycled chairs by Karen will certainly do that, and even add a sense of whimsy to your home. Come see these chairs for yourself and pick the one that is perfect for you.

Karen Luchak likes to be known as “the FRUGAL designer”. It’s all about upcycling by refreshing old things. She has been attracted to chairs and loves to paint them into colourful folk art pieces. Each seat is topped off with a hand crafted matching cushion. This hobby draws upon her background in fashion design, colour blocking and passion for textiles. As a retired school teacher, she continues to enrich her creative side by dabbling in many artistic projects such as this. Karen also works as a contract wardrobe seamstress for local theatre productions, is a fit model, stages homes, makes jewellery and substitute teaches for the Fashion Tech Program at Murdoch MacKay Collegiate.

Pull up a chair and enjoy the funky comfort provided by the Frugal Designer!

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